I have been meaning to do a blog post for a while but something always got in the way. Meaningless, trivial things that really were no excuse for missing an update. Then a life and death situation happened to a family member. One we are all trying to come to terms with in our individual […]

Spring has Sprung

Well the vortex is slowly leaving. It’s still not “warm” but it’s not “freeze the balls off a brass monkey” anymore. I did a bit of damage at the garden centre. It warmed up enough today so I could plant things. Here’s the evidence: Everything is now planted or moved or repotted. Will pick up […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is something I look forward to and dread at the same time. I have unbelievable joy when I think of the women who have blessed me enough to make me a grandmother. Yet my soul tears in pieces when when I think of the loss of my own mother. She has been gone […]

The butterfly fairy tale

A long time ago in a land far far away, a butterfly shawl was started. For a while, it held the girl’s attention – oh look at the beautiful colours…   Then other shiny new things yelled to be cast on, so it sat waiting not so patiently for its turn in the rotation. When […]

In which I create a new species

Well Easter has come and gone and I managed to do it without chocolate. I’m not a big chocolate eater so really that wasn’t a sacrifice. Now potato chips…I’ll take you to the ground like a Lion on a Gazelle if you try to get in between me and a bag of chips. People have […]