In which I create a new species

Well Easter has come and gone and I managed to do it without chocolate. I’m not a big chocolate eater so really that wasn’t a sacrifice. Now potato chips…I’ll take you to the ground like a Lion on a Gazelle if you try to get in between me and a bag of chips. People have […]

Settling in

Well poor Cooper has been a sick kitty. Apparently he came home from the shelter with Coccidia. And a bad upper respiratory infection. He went from being an obnoxiously loving cat to a snot ball overnight. I took him to the vet and took a sample of his poop – something you should always do […]

Cooper’s first lesson

I believe we learn a lot from the animals that come into our lives. Cooper is already teaching me lessons after one night. Clearly he is a “little” OCD. By little, I mean is there a cat Prozac out there? He does not like me to be out of his sight – follows me everywhere. […]

World, meet Cooper. Cooper, meet World

  He is about 1 year old, a purring machine and so affectionate it’s crazy. I’ve never had a boy cat before – this should prove interesting! nWe’re still waiting for our Maine Coon kitten to be born, but I have enough love for two

Farewell Baby Girl

The Boy and I are absolutely gutted. Our baby girl Clancy suddenly developed diabetic ketoacidosis and kidney failure and had to be put to sleep on Monday. I held her in my arms and told how much I loved her as she passed. I have tried to write this blog post a dozen times since […]