Gardening time!

Victoria Day (May 2-4 to Canadians) is my favourite weekend. It means I get to have grubby hands and ruin my manicure. Yup – garden time! This year I planted a shite lode of hot peppers. Cheffie loves them, so I grow them for him. These are “take me to the hospital I’m dying” kinda… Read More »

Happy St. Distaff’s day

Just a drive by post to wish you all the best in the new year. More blog posts coming, but for now, enjoy the day.  

News Alert: Being trendy is no longer on trend

Well, we’ve all heard it said that everything old is new again. (does that mean that I’m now 12? Because I could totally rock that now). I mentioned to Cheffie that a friend of mine had taken a class in macramé because apparently it’s “on trend”. Note to old people: do not say trendy. The… Read More »

Friday night lace

Work life had been all crazeballs. Which means I’ve had no life. I’m up at 5am, torture myself on the treadmill, stumble into the shower (all the time avoiding the ankle biting Angus). Wander downstairs (avoiding the death trap that is Cooper), being serenaded by screaming cats (one who clearly has steroid rage). Drop some… Read More »

February Blah means 50% off sale!

I’m sick and tired of February. I thought I’d bring a little sun into everyone’s life with a 50% off sale of all of my patterns! The sale runs until the end of February and no coupon is needed.