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News Alert: Being trendy is no longer on trend

Well, we’ve all heard it said that everything old is new again. (does that mean that I’m now 12? Because I could totally rock that now). I mentioned to Cheffie that a friend of mine had taken a class in macramé because apparently it’s “on trend”. Note to old people: do not say trendy. The… Read More »

February Blah means 50% off sale!

I’m sick and tired of February. I thought I’d bring a little sun into everyone’s life with a 50% off sale of all of my patterns! The sale runs until the end of February and no coupon is needed.  

Remembrance Day

This has been a very difficult time in Canada. We lost two soldiers to senseless acts. Our nation is still coming to grips with what happened. These tragedies make Remembrance Day more poignant for us. More tangible. Closer to home. I have always been a huge supporter of the military, making countless afghans through Heartmade… Read More »

Spring has Sprung

Well the vortex is slowly leaving. It’s still not “warm” but it’s not “freeze the balls off a brass monkey” anymore. I did a bit of damage at the garden centre. It warmed up enough today so I could plant things. Here’s the evidence: Everything is now planted or moved or repotted. Will pick up… Read More »