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The clever knitter’s way to get picked up

One of my least favourite parts of knitting is when you have to pick up a gazillion stitches. No matter how well intentioned I am, I find that I am either way short or have way too many. I can’t even tell you how many times this has forced me to the frog pond (ripit… Read More »

Stash’s tips

I’ve been quiet lately and for loyal readers, I’m sorry. On top of moving apartments last month, I found out I needed to get a wireless router for my computer. Well, since funds are tight, that had to wait a while. I should be able to pick one up this weekend though, so look out… Read More »

Hot Time Summer in the City

I started a summer sweater today – this means that I’ll finish it sometime around December 🙂 I wanted to share with you a couple of things that I do when I’m working on garments. One I’ve told you of already, (the Stashaholic’s way of measuring), and the other is to pin on post it… Read More »

Measuring Up – the Stashaholic Way :-)

I posted this on, but I thought I’d share it with you too. Instead of hunting for your measuring tape every time you need to measure to see if you’ve reached 16″ or however long the torture is… Tie a non-stretchy yarn (cotton works best) to the first row you have to measure from… Read More »

The Great Koolaid Experiment

I found some wool in my mom’s stash, so I decided to experiment. Now, the wool was quite grotty (it was labeled 1976), so I’m not sure how it will work up. It was quite fragile while I was rolling into the skeins… I took some Tropical Punch Koolaid and followed the instructions on this… Read More »