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And the wheel turns

I haven’t forgotten about you my fellow stashaholics. I have been working through some very difficult things in my personal life. Someone who is very close to me, (who will remain anonymous at this point to respect their privacy) has been hospitalized for congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation and we are working through what… Read More »

Welcoming a New Clan Member

We welcomed a new clan member this weekend. Wee tiny Angus is 12 weeks old and 3 pound of black fuzz and purr. He’s overly fond of cuddling, keyboards and eyelashes (yes he’s freaked out by them and has to investigate when you’re laying down). Cheffie named him, and although he says he’s “Black Angus”,… Read More »

Daddy’s Girl

I’ve been quiet for a while because the difficult time that I just went through was impossible to capture when it was so emotionally gut wrenching. A few years ago, my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He battled his way through each round of treatment, always with his trademark dignity and good humour intact.… Read More »


I have been meaning to do a blog post for a while but something always got in the way. Meaningless, trivial things that really were no excuse for missing an update. Then a life and death situation happened to a family member. One we are all trying to come to terms with in our individual… Read More »

Settling in

Well poor Cooper has been a sick kitty. Apparently he came home from the shelter with Coccidia. And a bad upper respiratory infection. He went from being an obnoxiously loving cat to a snot ball overnight. I took him to the vet and took a sample of his poop – something you should always do… Read More »