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This Week’s WIP

I have been consumed by making snowflakes for the tree. I finished a whole bunch of them but want to take pictures on said tree. However
said tree has not been purchased  yet. Fingers crossed for …

Tour de Fleece

I just came through a horrifically busy period at work (I had 47 hours of overtime in 2 weeks if that gives you an idea…) so for the last month, I haven’t had much time for anything else but coming home and collapsing into bed.
Thankfully that project is over, so life is returning to normal. Sort of.

Hurry up and Wait

I have two very large projects on my plate at work that are sucking up almost every waking moment. 12 hr days do not leave a lot of time for knitting/spinning/blogging.

What kind of salad do you make?

I’ve had many people ask me why I spend time spinning (let alone knitting) yarn. In today’s world where you can go pick up finished sweaters for under $20, and socks for around $2 it doesn’t make sense to them.
I’ve settled on this explanation.