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Road Trip

Whether as a result of spring fever, or a sincere desire to stimulate the local economy, Pirk, Carol and I went on a yarn crawl

As usual it started with “I don’t need anything, I’m just going along …

From Sheep to Shoe

It’s been a frenzy of knitting chez Stashaholic. I’m on a mission to finish up WIPs so it’s been a bit of a blur. Apologies in advance to those on dialup – this is a biggie!
Of course what’s Christmas without a little bling?

Happy Birthday !

Today marked the celebration of the 2nd birthday of my home away from home, The Purple Purl. It’s been a whacky two years involving me crocheting 6 ft snowflakes that almost killed me by causing an

allergic asthma attack, knitterly road trips (usually involving beverages of an adult nature) …

Orange you glad I bought this?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Today it’s lovely – 22C and sunny and all is well with my little world. I’ll make an honest effort to blog more. I’ve been suffering from the “blue widgets” as we used to call it when I was a young child…but I’m feeling much better these days.

I …


I’ve been absolutely lazy about blogging lately so let’s just say stuff happened and I didn’t blog about it.

What I can say is that I’ve been incredibly busy with fibre arts lately. Spinning and knitting have consumed my life even more than normal for the last few weeks. …