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December? Really?

Why is it every year I turn into the Queen of Denial?

I smugly assure myself that I have my Christmas knitting well in hand in September. I smile understandingly …

When all else fails

read the freaking instructions….

I am in the process of frogging 8″ of the sleeve on my Mondo cable cardi. This pattern has caused me a great deal of teeth gnashing and second guessing of my knitterly abilities because of my “creative interpretation” of the instructions. …

One of these things is not like the other…..

Thank you all for being kind enough not to point out the mistake in the socks posted yesterday. Luckily my friend Pirk is a very diplomatic person.

did you do the cuffs different, on purpose?”


I pulled them out of my bag and sure enough. Two different cuffs. One in …

I can’t even blame the drugs!

Last night I had to rip out 8 rows x 200 stitches on a cabled sweater because I had crossed one of the cables the wrong way. I tried to drop down stitches to fix it but it became an unholy mess and I decided to just frog instead. I …