Spring has Sprung

Well the vortex is slowly leaving. It’s still not “warm” but it’s not “freeze the balls off a brass monkey” anymore.

I did a bit of damage at the garden centre. It warmed up enough today so I could plant things.

Here’s the evidence:


Everything is now planted or moved or repotted. Will pick up a few more little things and maybe some more dirt (gawd I hate paying for dirt!). I haven’t bought any flowers yet but will wait for next weekend. Somehow despite saying I was only going to grow one tomato plant I ended up with 4.

Here’s what I planted. If you want to see pics, visit my Flick album. I’ve linked to things you may not be familiar with. I have a small garden but I pack it full. I’ll take a picture when things start happening in it. Right now it looks lonely.

Herbs – food
Herbs – medicinal

From seed:

  • sunflowers (on Cheffie’s request)
  • carrots
  • beans
  • peas
  • spanish onions (from a bulb)
  • garlic (ok I planted it in the fall but it’s for this year’s crop)
  • started more Edelweiss, California Wonder and cayenne but it might be too late for them…time will tell.

Cooper helped me do some planting/unplanting. His favourite of course was the catnip. And the bag of dirt that he decided he needed to crawl in.

It’s going to rain soon which is ok because everything needs a good soak. Then it can stop (I’m talking to you Mother Nature) for a bit and we need some sunshine!

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