Almost done!

Last week was vacation. A much needed, much looked forward to vacation. All I wanted to do was knit and crochet and get some presents done. And that’s about all I did. It’s going to make re-entry to work even harder tomorrow.

I finished one Christmas present (which I can’t show) and worked on another. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn 2 rows short (of course). I can show you this one as it’s for my great-nephew and I know he doesn’t read this blog.

I’m working on the Spiderman blanket for him.


While I was off, I wandered by my LYS Creative Yarns (a few times I admit) and I’m now engaged to do some teaching in the new year. I started prepping for one of the classes – Knitting Thrum Mittens. I’m knitting the class sample with Rowan wool and Malabrigo thrums. Because you can’t go wrong with either of them. I will be releasing the pattern once I’m done writing it and will post it on the blog.



Angus of course is in the background. He’s been a great “help” in making the thrums. He has to inspect each and every one, and the perfectly formed ones become his property. I knit with one hand on the thrums and one hand on the squirt bottle.

I’ll also be teaching Spindling, Crochet 101 and Know Your Wool classes. I’ll let you know when the schedule is finalized.

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